New generation chromebooks Samsung Chromebook Chromebook Plus and Pro with Quad HD screens in tablets transformirovalsya

Samsung Electronics has announced the release of mobile computers Samsung Chromebook Chromebook Plus and Pro, which, according to the manufacturer, belong to a new generation chromebooks. As stated, they are characterized by «the combination of laptop performance with the flexibility and versatility of a tablet». Chromebooks Samsung Chromebook Plus Chromebook and designed in partnership with Google and provide full access to the directory Google Play.

The features of Chromebook Plus and Pro is the ability to transform into a tablet, provide a design, revealing the screen 360°. Another feature — complete pen with a tip diameter of 0.7 mm, sensitive to touch.

The screen resolution new chromebook — Quad HD (2400 × 1600 pixels). Screens protected by glass Gorilla Glass 3. In vehicle computers also need to allocate two ports USB C. RAM is 4 GB, flash memory 32 GB. The battery manufacturer is estimated at 8 hours.

The difference between the two models lies in the processor. Grombala processor Plus Samsung Chromebook built on ARM architecture, whereas in a Chromebook Pro used x86-compatible processor Intel Core m3. Sales of the first model will begin in February at a price of $449. Second, the model should be on the market this spring.

Source: Samsung



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