New development lead, autopilot Tesla not have lasted the company six months

According to the source, referring to the message of Tesla, Chris Lattner (Chris Lattner) resigned as Vice President, responsible for developing autopilot system. Since when «Apple veteran» in the office, it took less than six months.

«Chris just didn’t fit for Tesla, and we decided to make a replacement,» — said in the letter, obtained by Reuters from the press Secretary of the Tesla.

Latter about their care tweeted: «it Turned out that Tesla does not suit me».

Simultaneously it became known that the head of the group Tesla Vision involved in the development of artificial intelligence, was Andrew Carpathians (Andrej Karpathy), who previously worked in OpenAI. He will work closely with Jim Keller (Jim Keller), which is now responsible for developing the hardware and software of the autopilot.

Source: Reuters



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