New Apple smartphones will consume more than $50 billion, which planned to spend on other gifts this year

iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone from Apple, but before that no one said that it could adversely affect sales of other products made by different manufacturers to the Christmas period.

Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty (Katy Huberty) believes that the high price of the iPhone X and the fact that the smartphone is a very desirable purchase for many, will lead to the fact that in the coming festive period, other companies will earn less money than they could.

In her estimation, users will reduce their spending on other categories of products to allow you to please yourself and your loved ones an iPhone x iPhone X up can absorb up to 30 billion dollars that users could spend on other products if Apple did not release this smartphone.

«After the customer buys iPhone X, he will think, I just spent $ 1000 on a smartphone. While I don’t really need those new jeans,» explains Katie Huberty.

Total iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus the upcoming holiday season unable to win over from other categories of more than 50 billion dollars, ready to spend customers.

Given that the supply of iPhone X will be adjusted only at the beginning of next year, the producers of other commodities may experience a decline in sales for several months.



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