New app Samsung Family Care will allow you to configure and monitor a mobile device of the child

The source reports that Samsung is working on a new application for Android OS is intended for parents.

Family Care will offer the usual control functions, including installation of time of operation of the device or a specific application, various alerts and confirmation of access to the different functions of the device.

The interface will be redesigned with a focus on children. Through special functions, the child will be able to quickly send a message to parents that it is necessary to take. Parents will receive not only the message but also an indication of the location of the child if you suddenly forgot where you left it.

In addition, parents will be able to set reminders for the children so they don’t miss classes in the partition, remember to make lessons or to congratulate grandma on the holiday. To install some or a new application will need parental permission.

Actually, Samsung has a similar, but new, apparently, will have more features and a redesigned interface. When Family Care will appear on the devices is still unknown.



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