New and fashionable tattoo 2018

Contemporary art has leaped beyond the spheres of clothing. Today the way are not only items of clothing, hairstyles and makeup. Now trending all kinds of body painting. This art hundreds of years, but only now the tattoo has become a part of the bow without investing in a pattern of deep meaning.

Modern tattoo: the specifics

Tattoos on the body were signs of social status, caste or a particular social class. Today tattoos are different in most cases, the image palette and the suitability of this tattoo girl or guy. Women’s tattoo looks more gentle and elegant. Men most often intended to point out the brutality of their owner. In any case, everyone wants his tattoos were unique and creative.

In order to achieve high quality work, you need to plan it carefully. You first need to prepare a clear and understandable sketch. It needs to be constantly on the mind of the master.

Decals on the body

Tattoo lettering is the most popular trend of the season 2018. You can use clear to others language or Vice versa are rare for the place of residence of the owner of the tattoo symbols. Popular there are all sorts of quotes, names, lines from poems and songs well-established expression.

Choosing the font and color, is to consult with a specialist. He can show how will look the result. Only then can you make a decision. Most often the inscriptions can be seen on the fingers, wrist, forearm and shoulder, on the back or under the breast. Ideally, the tattoo should not just look good, and carry a thought. To do this is to dig into yourself and understand what words can reflect the inner state of a man.

Designs and patterns

Experts tattoo fashion insist on that, then the simpler the design, the more spectacular it looks. Become popular colors. Variety of ideas for such a tattoo is growing from year to year. But before to choose from this diversity pattern for yourself, you should learn more about its meaning. In the top of the remains of the rose image in the interlacing ornament of the most elegant ways of lines.

Another variation of the popular pattern – it’s a butterfly. It prefer young girls. Butterfly is the embodiment of tenderness and beauty. This pattern is a great way to maximize the number of bright shades.

Mini tattoo trend

More and more fans are attracted to tattoo a mini-tattoo. They look gentle and stylish. Such a piece of art, if necessary, easier to drive than the colorful mural across the entire back. Mini tattoo will help to hide small defects of the skin: from acne marks, scars and age spots. The miniature on the skin in properly selected will give the image of spice and sexiness.

Micro tattoo on leg

Mini-tattoo on the leg is sexy and unusual. For such a figure, choose a place near the foot or on the foot. It looks gentle and original. Topic tattoo can be your initials or a loved one, a small species of flora and fauna or characters of various nature. The tattoo on his leg decided many stars from around the world. Among them Nicole Richie, Charlize Theron, adriana Lima and others.

Alternative mini tattoo will be large-scale drawings on the feet. Most often, they choose a hip. Such patterns can stretch across the leg and it is tempting to hide under underwear. During the beach season girls with similar ornaments attract the most attention.

Mini tattoos on his fingers

This is another original idea. On your finger you can draw traveling bug or trying to fly a butterfly. Also attractive animals. On your finger, you can ring tattoo with the initials of a loved one. It is important that the planned graceful bezel does not turn into a prison ring. On the woman’s thin fingers such a figure would be inappropriate.

The tattoos on his arms

The space for the imagination a lot more. Here you can realize the most intricate designs. It is important to observe moderation: let the selected pattern will be clear. Then the master will be able to move it at hand quickly and efficiently. The tattoo on the arm can replace the accessories. The picture on the forearm is always visible and can attract the attention of others along with bracelets and other ornaments. It is believed that the skin is less sensitive and beat her tattoos are not as painful as other places. You can bet as tattoos on elbow or wrist, popular in the new season are quite painful. Mini tattoos on the arms often do monochrome. Larger drawings, preferably in color. The exception would be characters, symbols, and other patterns not involving colorful design. Namely plain tattoos are in the top trends.

Alternatives tattoos

In addition to ideas that have been massively supported by the fashion society, there are alternatives. They are also popular, but to a much lesser extent. For example, many girls chose a colorful tattoo on the side. Usually these are large drawings made with ink of different colors. Most of these ladies choose floral ornamental or narrative paintings.

Micro tattoo find their place on the neck, behind the ears or right ear, on the back of his head. I wonder you can beat in this case, the silhouette of a cat or a bird, traces of which are lost behind the hair line or behind the ear.

Also many women opt for Flirty bows. You can draw anywhere. The most popular was the back of the thighs just below the buttocks, nape, upper back, toes, above the bone on the leg. Bows can be color or monochromatic. In any case they retain their femininity and flirtation. Tattoos on the shoulder were popular in the past decade. Now they are doing much less, but the themes for them are very varied and original.

Tattoos look good only if they are made qualitatively. To decide on a first tattoo is not easy. For the experiment, it is recommended to carry out the procedure for applying bio-tattooing or henna tattoos. This pattern is very different from a real tattoo, but it will help to understand comfortable will feel the girl with this tattoo.

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