New AMD drivers for Linux reveals some details about the GPU Vega 10

According to the latest revelations AMD, graphics card with GPU Vega will be released in the current quarter, i.e. before the end of June. Despite the fact that before the announcement left quite a bit of time, leaks about the new adapters are very few.

Thanks to the new AMD drivers for Linux, we have the opportunity to learn some parameters of the upcoming announcement of 3D maps.

So, according to these data, GPU 10 Vega, which should be based flagship graphics card (possibly more than one) that contains 64 compute units with 64 stream processors each. That is, the amount of the graphics processor contains 4096 stream processors. Recall, Polaris 10 those are only 2304.

64 compute units are divided into four clusters Shader Engine. Thus, each cluster contains 1024 stream processors. Also each have two blocks of the Asynchronous Compute Units. Texture units of the GPU from 256 units, and ROP units — 64. That is, in terms of dry numbers Vega 10 GPU copy GPU Fiji, but due to the new architecture, the performance of the upcoming card should be significantly higher than the Radeon R9 X.

Sources based on performance (FP32 and FP16), has estimated that the GPU frequency will exceed 1.5 GHz. There will be enough to compete with the GeForce GTX 1080 will show only the actual tests.



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