Network storage Synology DiskStation DS1517 and DS1817 got a few Ethernet ports with aggregation

Synology introduced DiskStation NAS DS1517 and DS1817, different from models with index + name of your platform. Now replace SoC Intel came up Annapurna Labs Alpine AL-314, the first year used in the stores of a company, but this time the frequency of the four cores ARM Cortex-A15 increased to 1.7 GHz.

RAM DDR3L Junior modification (DS1517) is 2 GB and it is not expanded, but the older already can be increased to 8GB with the standard 4 GB. Another difference was the number of drive bays: five and eight respectively; supported device size 3.5 inch interface SATA provides hot swap.

NAS Synology DiskStation DS1517 equipped with four Gigabit Ethernet ports with aggregation capability, this model demonstrates performance up to 449 MB/s when writing and 436 MB/s when reading from a RAID 5 array. Storage DiskStation DS1817 in similar conditions shows up to 739 MB/s and 1577 MB/s respectively, thanks largely to the two ports of 10 Gigabit Ethernet and two Gigabit Ethernet, with support for aggregation. Innovations are protected by a three-year warranty and are running DSM 6.1.



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