Network card SharpSwitch Artesyn PCIE-9205 equipped with a switch and two-port 100G

The company Artesyn Embedded Technologies has introduced a network card SharpSwitch PCIE-9205 designed for installation in slot PCI Express. According to the manufacturer, the new product eliminates the need for external equipment for load-leveling applications in wireless communication and broadcasting, including streaming. It is particularly well suited for systems with high packing density and low power consumption. On-Board CPU series Intel Xeon D created Intel Ethernet controller under the name of Red Rock Canyon, which has two Ethernet 100 Gbps (100G) and 100G switch.

In a virtualized environment with dynamic loads for internal redirection of packets and connection of virtual machines with the outside world, the necessary virtual switches. In many cases, these virtual switches are implemented using Open vSwitch, emulating their work. The resulting overhead can be very large — according to the source, in certain configurations for switching traffic of a virtual machine running on the server, enabled half of the available processor cores. The manufacturer claims that the design SharpSwitch PCIE-9205 was given the task of minimization of requirements for common applications, allowing you to significantly speed up the virtual switch, freeing CPU resources to the payload.

Source: Artesyn Embedded Technologies


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