Network adapter Mellanox 40GbE takes Innova IPsec encryption itself, freeing up CPU

The company Mellanox Technologies, specializing in solutions for connections between servers and storage within data centers, has introduced the Innova 40GbE adapter IPsec. According to the manufacturer specified AC adapter takes encryption, ensuring a three-fold increase in throughput and a fourfold improvement in CPU loading compared with software solutions for the x86 platform. This allows for greater use of encryption to maintain performance and scalability. Moreover, according to estimates Mellanox replacement software solution that provides significant cost reductions (60% or more).

The advantages of the adapter refers to hardware virtualization, support for RDMA over Converged Ethernet acceleration technology from Mellanox PeerDirect, hardware traffic offload NVGRE, VXLAN and GENEVE.

Source: Mellanox



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