Netgear has released the second model of the «best selling security camera in the world»

A year ago, the company Netgear has introduced home security camera Arlo Pro. From most competitors, this device differed in several features. First, it was protected from water and dust (IP65), allowing you to use the camera and as the outer, and secondly, it had a battery and can work without a network connection, third, could act as a siren with a volume of 100 dB.

But to shoot video in 1080p, the camera could not. But Arlo knows how Pro 2. This is the first difference of this model from last year. And these differences are not so much. The camera has retained the same body, same design, the same opportunities to work from their own battery.

Another difference was a function of Look Back. It works when the camera is connected to the mains. The essence of the function that the camera in that mode constantly records what it sees, storing in memory a constantly updated short passage. This is done to ensure that in case of detection of any activity the user was able to see what happened before the camera this activity was recorded.

Also, the camera now able to be interfaced with intelligent devices that support Amazon Alexa. The cost of new items is equal to 220 dollars. This is 30 dollars less than requested for the original Arlo Pro at the beginning of its sales, but now the first model costs only $ 190.

By the way, Netgear claims that Arlo Pro — the best selling home security camera in the world.



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