Nest Secure — home security system value $ 500

In addition to the new cameras and smart doorbell company Nest also provided a set of Secure, designed to ensure the safety of your home.

The best thing about the essence of the product says official video.

As you can see, Secure Nest — a set that includes some of the main devices: module Nest Guard, he at the same time and the keyboard to enter the password two berlaku Nest Tag and a couple of Nest sensors Detect.

Module Nest Guard, in addition that has a keyboard for entering the password is the «brains» of the whole system, acts as a source of alarm and motion sensor, which should stand at the entrance to the room. It has its own battery in case of power supply problems, which should be enough for 12 hours of work.

Trinkets Nest Tag allow to do without a password, which is clearly seen on the video. As for the Nest sensors Detect the manufacturer has implemented an interesting idea. The fact that these sensors can perform a variety of tasks. They both perform the role of motion sensors and sensor opening and closing of Windows and doors. However, the two that came in the kit is hardly enough for even the most undemanding user. In addition, Nest Detect allow, for example, to open inside the window or door without disabling the alarm as a whole, and include lighting in dark hours when it passes human.

Starter kit Nest Secure is estimated at $ 500. Additional sensors Detect Nest costing $ 50, and trinkets Nest Tag — $ 25.



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