Nearly 16% of Americans have already got wearable electronic devices, but smart clock is only at 4%

Analysts Kantar Worldpanel ComTech has compiled statistics to indicate the prevalence of wearable electronic devices. Allegedly, as of December 2016 in the US, a smart watch or bracelet for exercise and fitness was at 15.6 per cent of consumers. This figure rose slightly compared with the September value of 14.8%.

At the same time, smart watches are inferior bracelets, in the US they have only 4.2% of users. In Europe, the penetration of smart watches is estimated at 3.8% and all wearable electronic devices is 9.2%. Analysts clarify that the European data cover only the four major market: UK, Germany, France and Italy.

In the US the largest supplier of smart watches Apple is considered to be. The share of this company is 50% of the market. In second place is Samsung with 17.4 percent. In the segment of smart wristbands Fitbit is leading with 75%. In second place is Garmin from 12.5%.

In Europe, Apple owns 37% of the smartwatch market. The share of Samsung is 16%. Among the suppliers of bracelets leader is Fitbit, which occupies 50%. Share Garmin is 23%. Interestingly, in Germany, Garmin even superior to Fitbit in market share (36% vs 31%).

Source: Kantar Worldpanel ComTech



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