Naver will release a new smart AC

The South Korean company Naver, which owns the largest Internet portal and the most popular search engine in the country, has introduced a clever system Akusticheskie Friends.

Buyers are offered two versions, which vypolneny characters mobile messenger Line Brown bear and chicken Sally.

Acoustic systems are running systems of artificial intelligence Clova, which was developed with the participation of Naver and Line. The column mass is 378 g, the battery capacity is not specified, but it is known that from a full charge it can operate for 5 hours.

The column will arrive on October 26 at a price of $ 114. In a short time as Friends will be offered for a $ 87 annual subscription Naver Music.

In addition, Naver is planning to release another smart AC Wave in a more familiar design, similar to the Amazon Echo and Google Home.



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