NASA engineer will help Uber to bring to life the idea of flying machines

Last fall, the company Uber said that after 10 years, it plans to offer a service of air taxi. And we are not talking about the helicopters that are represented in the Park Uber long, and about flying machines.

The new employee became a NASA engineer mark Moore (Mark Moore), who in 2010 introduced the concept of a small vehicle for the city with the possibility of vertical take-off and landing.

Mark Moore was the chief engineer of the division of Uber Elevate, which is developing in this direction. The source notes that Moore saw the Uber achievements Elevate, deciding that they can help each other to implement similar ideas in the joint project. The engineer believes that Uber is all in order to bring the concept to life.

On the idea of Uber, it would be a whole fleet of small flying machines that run on electricity, which can cover a distance of 80 to 160 km on a single charge. To call a taxi will be from a smartphone, initially they will be controlled by people, but eventually should become completely unmanned.


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