NASA and Stephen Hawking continue to work on space ship StarChip, speed which is 1/5 of the speed of light

Newspaper the Independent has published a new note, Recalling that NASA has joined forces with renowned theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking (Stephen Hawking), working through the concept of the spacecraft StarChip, which can travel at a speed five times less than the speed of light.

If the project will eventually be implemented, StarChip will be able to reach the star system alpha Centauri, distant from earth at a distance of 4.3 light-years, it will be possible in 20 years. Recall, Stephen Hawking and other scientists in April of this year, announced the project Breakthrough Starshot, in which it was planned to send to alpha Centauri thousands of tiny spacecraft.

Scientists can’t give a clear answer to the question, will the ship survive such a journey. NASA noted that cosmic radiation could bring the ship out of action long before the end of the expedition. Therefore, scientists are working on different protection scenarios StarChip, which they said at the event International Electron Devices Meeting in San Francisco last week.

First, the route can be constructed that a spacecraft has avoided areas of high radiation, however, it may increase travel time for several more years and will help slow the natural aging of the components of StarChip.

Second, scientists propose to cover the electronics robust protective shell, which will affect the size and weight of the ship and will eventually reduce its speed. Finally, experts suggest the use in electronic systems of the ship components that can regenerate itself, the benefit of development in this direction is already underway.


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