Nanya will return to the market server DRAM memory

Company Nanya, just reporting for the next quarter, has mastered the production of memory chips DDR3 DRAM density of 4 Gbit, using 20-nanometer technology. In the current quarter, the Taiwanese manufacturer expects to begin mass production of 20-nanometer technology and microchips DDR4 density 8GB.

With microchips DDR4 density 8GB Nanya, the company expects to return to the DRAM market for servers. The company believes that the market server memory will grow faster than the market for RAM for mobile devices.

By the way, according to the manufacturer, he has managed to make the production according to the norms of 20 nm cheaper production according to the norms of 30 nm. Now according to the norms of 20 nm, the company handles more than 10,000 plates per month. By the end of the year this figure should increase to 38 000.



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