Nanya increased its net profit more than six times

Company Nanya, one of the five largest manufacturers of the DRAM, has published a report on the results of the third quarter of the current fiscal year.

The manufacturer bailed out about $ 438 million, which is 30.3% higher than a year ago and 5.3% over the previous quarter. Operating profit for the year increased by 150%, amounting to $ 140 million.

Net profit and is increased by a huge 512% and stood at 282 million dollars. Indicators due to the situation in the DRAM market, manifested in deficits of memory and, consequently, more expensive.

The company notes that by the end of this year, total production capacity will reach 68,000 wafers per month. Nanya also plans to the end of the year to start production of microchips DDR4 density 8GB.



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