Nanya expects to develop 10-nanometer production technology DRAM

The company Nanya Technology have agreed to license Technology from Micron technology of DRAM production of 10-nanometer class (1X and 1Y). Using them as a starting point, the Taiwanese manufacturer expects to develop 10-nanometer production technology of DRAM.

Nanya invites to work of other manufacturers, noting that the participation of Chinese companies is unlikely. Three of them are already developing their own technologies of the semiconductor industry DRAM and NAND. Company Yangtze River Storage Technology (YMTC) is calculated under the wing of Tsinghua Unigroup to begin mass production of 64-layer NAND in 2019. Company Fujian Jin Hua Integrated Circuit and Hefei Rui-Li Integrated Circuit focused on the development of technology of production of DRAM.

Key patents related to the technology of production of NAND and DRAM belongs to the current market leaders: Samsung, SK Hynix, Toshiba, Micron and Intel.


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