Named the price and date of the launch Sailfish OS for smartphones Sony

At the end of February at the MWC event in 2017 the company Jolla announced support for Sony Devices Open Program and showed the smartphone Sony Xperia X running Sailfish OS. Then, it was announced that the opportunity to install new OS on Sony smartphones will have their owners in the second quarter. After some delay, the developer has fulfilled his promise. On the website Jolla, the published date of the beginning of sales of the new smartphone OS Sony and its price.

Sale Sailfish OS will begin on 27 September at a price of about 50 euros. Load distribution will be, starting from October 11. First access to new users in Norway, Switzerland and EU countries. Information about availability in the US and Canada, the company promises to publish later.

During the year after purchase, the user will be able to receive updates for free.

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