Named the cause of the fire battery smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note7

As you know, some users of the new smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7 faced with cases of ignition of these devices. The manufacturer, though, and assessed the probability of defect as quite low (24 cases per million), decided on the complete exchange of all sold to date devices. That is about 2.5 million pieces. It is estimated that the review cost Samsung 1 billion dollars.

Financially responsible for the situation have company Samsung SDI, which is a major supplier of batteries for Galaxy Note7. Temporarily the purchase of these batteries from Samsung SDI stopped.

What was the cause of the fire?

The manufacturer investigated and concluded that the cause was «a very rare bug in the production», manifested as a defect of some batteries. They observed a short circuit between the electrodes. According to Samsung, the smartphones on offer as a replacement, are thoroughly tested to ensure the absence of recurrence of battery problems in the future.

Source: Hardwarezone



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