Nail art design: fashion ideas for spring 2018

When creating the image of any girl is important manicure. So ladies want to know what trends in nail art will be relevant in the next fashion season. Some technicians perform manicures remain popular for several years along with them, every year designers offer us a lot of new products. What nail design will be relevant in the spring of 2018?

Fashion trends

The advantage of a modern fashion is the fact that it does not put the fashionistas strict limits and enables each of them to Express their creativity and individuality. Speaking about General trends in the design of nails spring of 2018 can highlight the naturalness. So even if you plan to increase the nails, it is important to keep them look as natural as possible.

Nail design can be very different from the simple application of a solid coating to the most sophisticated decor. Like last year, will be relevant French and lunar manicure, Ombre, negative space drawings, executed with the help of special stickers, broken glass effect, etc.



As a symbol of 2018 bugambilias, designers offer to decorate your nails with rhinestones, stones and other shiny decorations.

Not lose its relevance matte finish and metallic paints, which have superseded earlier fashionable mother of pearl and gloss. Now they are encouraged to use only as additional accents.

Novelty in design can be attributed to the imitation of stone. With the arrival of spring, this manicure will be most welcome.

Fashion nail form

Since the spring of 2018, all the emphasis is on naturalness, and the shape of the nail plate should be appropriate. In the trend remains oval or almond shaped nails, the free edge of which is not more than 3-5 mm. the Average length is only allowed for special occasions (holidays event, wedding, etc.).

Actual color

Each season has its own color scheme. If talking about spring, we should focus on bright, juicy colors (red, green, hot pink, blue).

Throughout the years remain relevant pastel colors. Also relevant will be yellow and its shades.

Fans of bright manicure will be able to choose the wine and berry tones (Marsala, Burgundy, raspberry, etc.).



In the year of the fire dog will be a popular metallic shades, which resemble steel, gold or silver.

For lovers of experiments offer to play with purple, gray and black colors.

And, of course, where without red. This color was and will always be in fashion.


To fashionable novelties of the spring of 2018 include the nail design with kamimusubi, which, despite its simplicity, it looks very impressive.


Kamimusubi is confetti. They can be of different color and diameter. However, one manicure, you can combine completely different circles.

For uploading kamifurano on the nail plate you will need tweezers. At the end of the nail is covered by the top layer. A lot of time this will take, but in the end you will get a real masterpiece.

The advantage of such confetti is that, with a little creativity, you can get the original manicure.

Kamimusubi look equally good, both with dark and bright basis. To create a popular in the new season of «negative space», enough to put circles on a transparent coating.

Options for the location decor very much. Can be ordered to build a line, put them lapped or just randomly applied to the entire surface of the nail. So you can decorate all your nails or to select only a few of them.

Broken glass

With the style «broken glass» the girls have already meet you. Due to the fact that this design looks distinctive and original, the designers of the nail art I decided not to abandon him, and in the spring of 2018. This manicure is suitable for everybody, regardless of age and occupation.

To create this manicure used a holographic foil or cellophane. They randomly cut and placed on the nail, and then fixed with a transparent top. Getting to this surface the beam is refracted and to create an incredible effect, which can be compared only with the overflow of precious stones.

Foil and cellophane can be chosen to match the primary coating or to make it contrast. Which ever option you choose, the result will always be stylish and attractive.

Matte manicure

Favorite spring 2018 will be a matte nail Polish. This coating immediately makes the image more noble and refined. The chip will be a matte finish that looks like plastic. To achieve this effect, it is sufficient to use a light matte lacquer, or covered with a special coating of regular nail Polish light shades.

To shade this manicure, stylists offer on accent nails, apply a shiny sand. The decor matte nails you can also use glossy ornaments or rhinestones.

French and lunar manicure

This nail design has already become a classic. As the French and the moon manicure will be relevant in any situation.

Despite the fact that this design is in fashion for about 10 years, designers each season make the adjustments. In the spring of 2018, they will offer to do the base coat with krakelyura. To make this manicure more spectacular, under the cracked varnish needs to be contrast based.

There remains an unfilled or filled with a colourless varnish hole. If you use gel Polish, you will get a trendy manicure for a few weeks. Indeed, in this case, the regrowth of the nail is visible, and the manicure will always look fresh.

Decorate French or lunar manicure is always possible with the help of rhinestones, stickers or painting.

Fashion drawings

The perfect way to make the original manicure is to apply the pattern. Demand will always be seasonal compositions. For spring is floral arrangements and floral designs that can create a romantic mood.

No less important animal and graphic designs.

Variants of design of nails spring of 2018, a huge number. Stylists tried to make it so that each girl had the opportunity to choose what most of all impressed by her.

What manicures have you chosen for next spring?

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