Multisport watch Garmin Fenix 5 are better predecessors, but much more expensive

Garmin introduced a sports watch, the Fenix 5, which replaced the model Fenix 3 (Yes, Fenix 4 was and never will be). The previous model is considered by many to be one of the best watches in its class, offering opportunities for athletes, and functions that are typical of the smart watch. In addition, the device has a GPS module and has excellent battery life.

All maintained and new model. In fact, the differences from the old not so much. To begin, we note that the device is available in three versions: Fenix 5 Fenix 5 Fenix 5X. The first two modifications is available in versions with a conventional protective glass or sapphire, and the older can only be bought with a sapphire crystal.

Fenix 5S different from other models in that size. The diameter of this watch is only 42 mm so that it can be used by girls. The diameter of the Fenix Fenix 5 and 5X are equal to 47 and 51 mm, respectively. Model Fenix Fenix 5 and 5S are almost identical in features and differ little from the model of the Fenix 3. All novelties are used transreflective displays displaying now 64 colors to 16, of its predecessors, and Elevate the heart rate sensors, which are now practically do not protrude from the housing. All watches are protected from water (rating of 10 ATM) and have a standard mount for the straps. But the straps — new, «instant» tab.

The model Fenix 5S used display with a diagonal of 1.1 inches with a resolution of 218 x 218 pixels. The other two models fitted with screens with a diagonal of 1.2 inches with a resolution of 240 x 240 pixels. Fenix 5S is also characterized by autonomy. Unfortunately, for the worse. Model can work up to eight days of standby and 13 hours with the GPS constantly active. The other two models will last for two weeks and 24 hours, respectively.

In addition, Fenix 5X — the only model that features 12 GB of flash memory, which allows the use of full-map navigation, not only to load and record tracks. But to use this memory for music for some reason can not.

Watch Fenix Fenix 5 and 5S asking $600, but for the Fenix 5X already have to pay $700. The press release says that models with sapphire glass also cost $700, although on a page with a description of the models the price of such version is specified equal to $850. Watch Fenix 3 will continue to sell for $450.



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