MT2625 first single-chip system MediaTek with support for NB-IoT

MediaTek today introduced a new single chip system for devices of the IOT. The new product is called MT2625 and for the first time for a manufacturer to have received the support of the standard NB-IoT.

It is reported that the new product is the smallest module with support for NB-IoT. The size of the chip is 16 x 18 mm. MT2625 supports full frequency band (from 450 MHz to 2.1 GHz) standards 3GPP R13 (NB1) and R14 (NB2).

SOC integrates microcontroller based on Cortex-M with a frequency of 104 MHz, 4 MB psevdoastmatichesky PSRAM memory, 4 MB of flash memory NOR and a power management unit. The set of interfaces I / o includes I2C, I2S, PCM, SDIO and UART.



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