MSI has introduced six GeForce GT 1030, and among them there are cards with DisplayPort ports

Many manufacturers are limited to only one model of the GeForce GT 1030. Indeed, given its positioning, the large selection is not particularly required. However, MSI has decided otherwise.

The manufacturer has expanded the range of six cards.

Model GeForce GT 2G LP OCV1 1030 > 1030 2G OC LP differ only in the ports collection. In the first case, DVI and HDMI and the second HDMI and DisplayPort. By the way, few of the manufacturers have released a new Nvidia with a DisplayPort connector.

This couple made on the basis of low-profile PCB and includes a tiny active WITH that doesn’t occupy the adjacent expansion slot. The frequency of the GPU equal 1265/1518 MHz, and the memory of 2 GB (as with all GT 1030) operates at a frequency of 6000 MHz.

Exactly the same differences and the couple maps GT 2GH LP OCV1 1030 > 1030 LP 2GH OC. But in this case, the adapters got passive cooling system. Despite this, frequencies at cards are the same.

Model GT 1030 2GH OC already uses a low profile PCB, but also equipped with passive. Set of ports includes DVI and HDMI, and frequency identical to all previous maps.

Model GT 1030 Aero 2G ITX OC similar to the previous one, but was already fully large enough for this class, active cooling system with a fan size of 70 or 80 mm. But the frequencies do not differ from other cards, and a typical set of ports: DVI and HDMI.

GeForce GT 1030


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