MSI enters the market of CPU coolers

MSI opens up another new niche: this time the company considered a promising market CPU coolers. Until the end of the year it will be presented by the MSI Frozr cooler Core L and Core Frozr XL.

As the developers of these products, much is borrowed from the well-proven systems of cooling of video cards Gaming. In particular, the use of Core Frozr fans Torx with a diameter of 120 mm. the design of the coolers is standard, it includes copper base, multiple heat pipes with a diameter of 8 mm and aluminum radiator. The developers also promises easy-to-install mount and reinforcement plate in the kit.

Model Core Frozr L, equipped with a single fan, the creators relates to coolers of the middle level and the top will be a Core XL Frozr – dual fan and a customizable RGB backlight. Data on the cost of new products yet.

Source: MSI



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