Mozilla completely stopped any work in development or development of Firefox OS

At the end of last year it became known that Mozilla has closed the project Firefox OS as a smartphone platform. Meanwhile, the operating system supposedly continued to exist and were even leaks about the new devices based on it.

But all this has apparently not destined to happen. As stated by senior Manager of the company Julie McCracken (Julie McCracken), the commercial development of the Firefox OS is completely stopped in all directions. This process began in July.

Thus, the very Opera, in fact, refuses this software platform completely. Of course, in the market there are devices running Firefox OS. For example, televisions. And manufacturers of such devices will maintain their products, while they will be present on the market. But by and large, the OS can put a cross, for fully develop its already over, no one will. So we will see more smart watches, nor mobile phones, nor some new appliances, which would work under the control of Firefox OS.

Firefox OS


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