Mouse Spire Archer 12 has an ergonomic «vertical» form

The company Spire introduced the ergonomic mouse Archer 12, illustrated. Description of new product begins with a mention of «vertical» form of the device and using the wireless interface.

According to the manufacturer, the shape of the Spire Archer 12 helps to reduce the static load on the brush, which is inevitable when the hours of a standard mouse, which is hard to keep relaxed with a brush. Allegedly, on the body of the Spire Archer 12 user’s fingers take a relaxed, natural position.

In the mouse an optical sensor, the resolution of which you can choose is equal to 800, 1600 or 2400 dpi directly during the work with the help of a special button. The range of the connection is 10 m. Power is provided by built-in Li-polymer battery, charging of which has a USB port.

Sale mouse Spire Archer 12 will begin in November at a price of $55.


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