Mouse Microsoft Arc Mouse Surface can be bent

Some of the pictures of Microsoft Surface notebook Laptop presented yesterday, you could see a certain mouse. It turned out that it is called the Surface Arc Mouse and it can be purchased separately.

The cost is $ 80. Three colors replicate those of the Surface Pro Laptop, alluding to the positioning of the device.

As the previous Arc mouse family, the novelty has the appropriate name form. Of course, this wireless manipulator, «communicate» with the PC via Bluetooth 4.0.

Yes, the mouse really can be curved as shown in the video, it’s not just advertising. It should also be noted that the manipulator no physical buttons. Instead there is one large touch region.

Dimensions of new items are 131 x 55 x 14 mm weight 82 g subject to the batteries. Them here, by the way, two of the AAA format. This should be enough for about nine months.



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