Mouse Cherry MC 3000 supports changing the resolution of the sensor

The company Cherry continues to update its range of wired mice: after Cherry model MC 4000 was announced the MC 3000. The product has an ergonomic shape, this time, it’s designed only for right-handers.

The basis for mouse Cherry MC 3000 was the sensor with led light source, the resolution of which may amount to 1000 or 2000 dpi, it switches a separate button under the mouse wheel. Although the manipulator is not positioned as gaming, it is able to correctly process moving at a speed of 1.5 meters per second. On the left side are two additional buttons.

The backlight illuminates the side panels, the wheel and the button to change permissions, its color (red or blue), it reports the selected resolution. On the side is a rubber insert that improves the handling of the manipulator to the computer it connects by USB cable length 1.8 m Mouse Cherry MC 3000 is estimated at 25 Euro.



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