Mounting compatible coolers AMD with AMD in the performance AM4, will be available for free

Not only the owners of CPU coolers be quiet! can get free mount for AM4. On the same program announced by another manufacturer of cooling systems — the company has.

Free mount can count all owners of products With compatible with AMD processors. The list includes models R1 Universal/Ultimate, C1, H5 Universal/Ultimate, H7, H7 Quad Lumi, M9a, C7, A40, A40 and A80 Ultimate. To obtain the mounts enough to send an e-mail application, backed by a cheque or serial number of the product, as well as testimony about the purchase of AMD processor performance AM4. Of course, the application must specify the address at which the manufacturer will send a free set. Kits will also be available from distributors of AMD products.

The coolers are immediately equipped with the new attachment will appear in the market followed by AMD in the performance AM4.

Source: Cryorig



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