Mount BlackRapid WandeR aimed at those who like to shoot with a smartphone

BlackRapid company that produces fastening ConnectR and FastenR camera that provides convenient portability and immediate application, has released a new product called WandeR Bundle. This is a fixing system with similar functions, focused on those who like to off smartphone.

According to the manufacturer, the mount is compatible with a wide range of devices and cases. Coated with polyurethane flat «anchor» made of nylon is placed under the smartphone case. Its a little loop pokes through a hole in the cover, located opposite the port used for charging. To the loop using a miniature carabiner is attached to the leash in a loop. The leash can be put on the brush to protect the smartphone from accidental fall. It can also attach to the strap of a backpack or bag. For this purpose, the kit includes one fixing element.

Price WandeR Bundle — $20.

Source: DP Review


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