Motorola could release the first in many years, the tablet

According to the resource Android police, Motorola (this is specified at the source) is working on the first in many years.

Proof is the screenshot, which captures the display device with a prompt related to one of the features of the tablet.

Unfortunately, no details or even rumors about the new no. As for function, the tip of which is depicted on the screen, it allows you by pressing a single button, placed on the panel of virtual buttons to switch between two selected applications. That is, there is no need to open Windows and running apps and look for needed there. A similar function exists in the tablets Lenovo.

As for the Motorola tablet, the company never focused on this segment. The latest model Xoom 2 was released back in 2012. If we talk about the correctness of the use of source Motorola brand in relation to the new tablet, you may recall that Lenovo promised to return the name of the smartphone market. It is possible, and stipulate the tablet will carry the legendary brand.

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