Motion sensor Philips Hue to turn on and off the light is user

The range of smart home devices, Philips has added a motion sensor. It belongs to the family Hue and will be on sale in October at a price of $40.

The sensor is designed to interact with smart lamps and turn on the light when motion is detected. The viewing angles of the device reaches 100 degrees, and the range — almost five meters.

Opportunities FOR brand significantly enhance the use of the sensor. For example, you can install under the bed or at the bedroom door smart bulb Philips, to set its brightness to minimum and set the motion sensor time interval of operation corresponding to the dark time of the day. Therefore, if someone wakes up in the night and want to go to the bathroom or the kitchen, the sensor detects the movement and turns on a dim light, which will help the person to Orient in the room, but not to Wake the sleeping around.



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