Motion sensor Camtraptions PIR allows you to make unique pictures

The company has released a Camtraptions motion sensor cameras. It can be used to organize a «camera traps» that allows you to make unique pictures. For example, dangerous or timid animals that do not admit to themselves the person and animals, leading nocturnal.

The sensor has a reinforced, waterproof and it can be weeks to work offline. In addition to the camera, you can control the flash or other light sources.

The sensor can also be mounted on a tripod, mounted on a tree or other object in place of the intended appearance of the animals. You can adjust the angle of the field of view of the sensor, allowing to improve the composition.

The sensor is compatible with cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony. In the future, the manufacturer promises to expand the list. Price new is approximately $190.

Source: Camtraptions


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