Motherboard chipset Intel Z370, probably not compatible with the CPU Kaby Lake

We already know that Intel Coffee Lake will not work with motherboards based on chipsets Z200. At least officially this would not be possible.

We now know that backward compatibility is probably not worth waiting. That is, boards on new chipsets Intel Z370 will not be friends with CPU Kaby Lake. Most likely, it will also affect other chipsets, but they will come later.

While no official confirmation of this. Just the resource specialists took a certain motherboard based on the Z370, and installed it in a Celeron G3930 (Kaby Lake). Physically this is possible because the connector LGA 1151 has not changed.

However, the motherboard with that CPU to work normally not wanted and spontaneously rebooted at the last stage of self-examination. Of course this is just an isolated case with a single motherboard, but there is every reason to believe that compatibility with «old» processors will not.

For most, it won’t be a problem, but it is impossible the procedure for phased updates when changing the motherboard first, and later and a processor.



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