Most fashionable styles dresses with fringe 2018

In every girl’s wardrobe must contain a variety of dresses. After all, they set the mood, change the pace and give confidence. Besides, dresses will be particularly relevant in 2018. The designers have shown quite a lot of trends, among them you can find options for a holiday and for everyday life.

For example, dresses with fringe will once again be in Vogue. Despite the fact that the models are made in a modern style with light notes of retro will anyway be present in the image. Therefore it is very important to pick up the remaining items so that all looked harmoniously.

Features dress with fringe

Previously it was thought that such outfits choose only the hippie. Now everything has changed and the decor for their work choose a famous fashion designer around the world. So before you buy a particular product, please note on features of fringe.


It can be made of any material. Nevertheless, the most popular suede, leather, silk and other fabrics. Each of them looks differently interesting and original.

Also, much depends on its color or length. Of course, it should ideally be combined with the dress to make it look harmonious.


Choosing to dress, pay attention to the location of the fringe. Most often it is sewn to the hem, or on top of the product. However, there are other, not less than original versions. It depends on how will look your figure and how you will be able to emphasize its advantages. Agree, for each of the girls is really important.

Colors play an equally important role in choosing dresses. In 2018 you can experiment and choose the different options. But still we recommend you to pay attention to the bright silver of the product, if you are going for a celebration. At the same time, the classic black, white and red dresses is ideal for everyday life and for an evening out.

The most current styles of dress with fringe 2018

Among the variety of dresses presented, it can be difficult to decide what to liking. So to start is to choose a cut that helps to emphasize the dignity of the figure.

Dress-style latina

Short dress with fringes and spaghetti straps very often choose dancers. These products look very bright and impressive. So if you are in search of options for parties or discos, then be sure to try this style. And rest assured that you will not remain unnoticed. For everyday life you can choose a dress in a neutral hue and décor of medium length.


Fringe at the hem

Feminine, elegant dress with a fringed hem is a must-have for every fashionista in 2018. These products are maximally accentuate the figure and emphasize the advantages. At the same time, much depends on the length of the dress. For example, a accentuate slender legs, and MIDI – feminine shape. In any case, wearing a dress with fringe at the hem, you will not remain without attention of the opposite sex.

Dress in the style of Chicago

Stunning, feminine dresses in Chicago style always look very impressive. In addition, unlike other options, these products have their own characteristics.

First and foremost, you should pay attention to the length. Products with vintage touch can be short. But you can often see dresses with the length from the knees and ankles. Also, these products have a fitted silhouette that allows you to showcase the harmony of shapes.

With regard to the material that is used for sewing, it is best to choose satin, silk or chiffon. As an additional decoration you can purchase rhinestones, sequins, beads, and of course fringe.

Dress with fringe on the skirt

Pretty interesting dresses with decorations on the skirt – the perfect solution if you want to visually adjust your figure. Choose a product with a short fringe if you want to add a bit of bulk in the thighs. If the main objective is to lengthen the silhouette and make the figure look more slender, then look at the gowns with long fringe.

Evening and cocktail dresses

Of course, fringe is the bright décor, with which you can decorate any, even the most simple dress. But when it comes to evening and cocktail attire, be sure that they will look gorgeous.

What better to match dress?

Of course, dress with fringe always looks harmoniously and brightly. It is therefore very important to choose the appropriate style and texture accessories to look harmonious.

First and foremost stylists recommend you look to elegant handbags of small size. For example, a clutch in the form of an envelope of neutral hue work with almost any outfit.

As for jewelry, then necklaces are the ideal addition image with the dress. Best buy white pearl thread. If desired, it can knot or wrap several times around the neck. It looks very nice and stylish.

Special attention should be paid to shoes. Feminine pumps will suit to the dress of any shade and length. So if you are in search of a universal option, then you can buy these shoes in a neutral shade. If you are planning to create an image in the style of the country, feel free to fill his cowboy boots. Agree, it looks really original.

Also if you want you can buy gloves to match or contrast. However, they are appropriate only in the case if you go to the event. In everyday life you should not do, as the way risk look modern and retro style.

Dress with fringe is experiencing a new wave of popularity. And if you follow fashion trends regularly replenish your wardrobe with new products, then be sure to purchase this product. Be sure that this dress will be your favorite.

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