Morgan Stanley analyst believes that iPhone sales could increase by 20-30% per year

Analyst at Morgan Stanley Katy Huberty (Katy Huberty) in January reduced by 3% the Outlook for sales of iPhones this year, and in February said that the iPhone 8 will attract increased audience autonomy.

Now Katy Huberty declares that the anniversary of the iPhone can attract the attention of the audience much stronger than Wall Street analysts say.

«We believe that the potential of the new iPhone is undervalued, said Huberty in an interview with CNBC. — We expect the release of the smartphone, which will receive a significant improvement in many parameters: display OLED, three-dimensional sensors, wireless charging, and perhaps the most modern developments in the field of artificial intelligence.»

Wall Street analysts believe that in the 2018 fiscal year, iPhone sales will increase by 10%. According to Huberty, sales growth will be at least 20%, and in an ideal scenario, it may be at the level of 30%.



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