More than three quarters of the Chinese smartphone market accounts for only five companies, including Apple

Canalys analysts claim that the smartphone market of China again subsided. In the third quarter sales decreased by 5% and reached 119 million units. The market leader in China is Huawei, occupying 19%.

But her back breathing Oppo and Vivo, which accounted for 18% and 17%, respectively. However, if in the case of Huawei and Vivo you can talk about sales growth, as we see in the diagram, the Oppo sales fell.

Xiaomi is the fourth and also significantly increased its sales, but the top five leaders of Apple developing a sale from 8 to 11 million, that is about 40%. This is the best indicator of growth for Apple in the Chinese market over the last couple of years.

By the way, if the sum of figures above five, it turns out that these companies had more than 75% of sales.


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