More than half of the market of LCD TVs accounted for five companies. Leader remains Samsung

TrendForce analysts estimated the market of LCD TVs by the end of 2016. They came to the conclusion that the market grew by 1.6% per year in the world was sold 219,2 million televisions.

The market leader remains Samsung, implemented in the past year, 47.9 per million TVs. However, it is about the same as a year earlier. LG firmly holds the second position, although it sold 28.2 million TVs, which is 4.1% less than in 2015.

Further, the company is Hisense, which was able to increase sales by 3.9% to 13.3 million units. In the back, her breathing TCL with 13.2 million sold TVs, which is 0.8% higher than a year earlier. The top five leaders of Sony c 11.7 million of units sold, which corresponds to a decline by 3.7%. The rest of the company in total increased their sales by 4.5%, to 105 million units.



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