More than half of the consoles in terms of money in the past year had on the Sony PS4 and the ecosystem

Experts IHS Markit has provided statistics relating to market consoles. According to analysts, in the last years, the market for game consoles declined by 2.5% to 34.7 billion dollars. The calculation takes into account not only sales, but also related equipment, content and services.

A slight decline in market analysts attribute the decrease in sales volumes and the depreciation of the consoles. Consumer spending directly on equipment amounted last year to 10.5 billion dollars, while in 2015 was equal to 12.8 billion But content sales increased by 5.6%, reaching 21.6 billion dollars.

The market leader was Sony consoles, which accounted for 57% of sales in the segment. In monetary terms this corresponds to 19.7 billion dollars. Analysts believe that the current year will allow Sony to overcome the mark of 20 billion Should increase sales of Nintendo that is associated with the new console Switch. But sales of products related to Microsoft consoles, will remain virtually unchanged.

If we consider the market in more detail, we find that the share of PS4 consoles and related products accounted for 17.8 billion in revenue, which corresponds to 51% of the market. The result of the Xbox One will be 9.1 billion, or 26%, and the Nintendo 2DS and 3DS was only 8% or 2.6 billion dollars.

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