More than a hundred designers asked the U.S. Supreme court not to overturn the decision in favor of Apple in a dispute with Samsung

Confidence that Apple deserves to receive from Samsung hundreds of millions of dollars in damages for violating patented design of the iPhone, expressed a well-known designers. They believe that the characteristic appearance of the smartphone encourage people to buy it. My opinion, the designers said in a statement sent to the Supreme court of the United States. Among those who signed the document is also referred to as Kelvin Klein (Calvin Klein), Paul Smith (Paul Smith) and Alexander Wang (Alexander Wang). The entire list is over a hundred people.

Recall that the patent dispute between Apple and Samsung began with a lawsuit filed by Apple in 2011 in which the South Korean company was accused of copying the design of the iPhone. In 2012, the court sided with Apple. Since then, the efforts of the defendant aimed at reducing the amount of the fine, exceeding the original $ 1 billion.

Last year, Samsung agreed to pay 548 million dollars on the condition that they will be able to appeal. In the appeal, Samsung has demanded to reduce the payout to 399 million dollars, arguing that this amount relates to the patent for the appearance of the iPhone, in particular, the rounded corners of the case and other details, insignificant for such a complex product like a smartphone. In February, Samsung’s appeal was upheld by the Supreme court. However, in June the information appeared that the dispute between Apple and Samsung could come back for reconsideration. Last week, Apple asked the U.S. Supreme court not to send the patent dispute with Samsung for reconsideration. According to Apple, Samsung has not provided any evidence of the claim that the question of infringement of a patent for an industrial design must be considered at the level of individual element and not just design in General. Probably, the course designers should reinforce the position of Apple.

Source: Reuters

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