More than 2,000 panels E Ink Prism adorned one of the buildings of the International airport of San Diego project Dazzle

Panel E Ink Prism was introduced in 2015. This is a very peculiar kind of electrophoretic screens, which are not intended for electronic devices, and for interior decoration.

We saw some art projects with the use of such panels, but in the US there were really impressive facility for the design which was used with such solutions.

The project is called Dazzle. This new building is a car rental located on the territory of the International airport of San Diego. The facade of this building for nearly 500 metres with panels of Prism. All of these panels and more than 2000 in conjunction with the host computer, they are able to create a truly original design. To understand how it looks, it is easier to see on video.

Design has been the company Ueberall. Experts Ueberall was inspired by the so-called «neon camo» (Dazzle camouflage), designed by the artist Norman Wilkinson and used during the First world war.

E Ink


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