More of all U.S. patents in 2016 was awarded to IBM on the second place — Samsung

By the end of 2016, IBM has maintained superiority in the number of patents granted in the US patent office. Over 12 months, the company pays great attention to scientific research and advanced developments, received 8088 patents by 9.96% more than in 2015, when it was received 7355 patents.

Second place as a year ago, is owned by Samsung. The South Korean manufacturer is also able to increase the number of patents obtained in comparison with the year 2015 — 5072 to 5518 or by 8.79%.

Other members of the top five also retained their positions, although we can’t boast of enriching their inventors. So, Canon, in third place, on the contrary, received by 11.34% less patents than in 2015 — 3665 against 4134. Following Qualcomm received 2897 patents, quite a bit shy to 2015, equal to 2,900 patents. Google has got 2835 patents — exactly the same as in 2015.

Pay attention to the performance of companies Intel, Microsoft, TSMC and Amazon.

Source: Fairview Research


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