More and more car owners consider Android Auto and Apple CarPlay binding systems

Fresh research conducted by experts from Strategy Analytics, indicates that buyers of all countries of the world have expressed great interest in multimedia systems Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and Baidu CarLife.

For example, in the US, 23% of respondents stated that the CarPlay system should be required to be in their car. 56% expressed interest in CarPlay, only 21% do not think the system is interesting.

In Europe a system called CarPlay 29% of respondents in China — 36%. If we talk about Android Auto, it should say 30% of Americans and 25% of Europeans. In China, 28% chose local Baidu CarLife.

The graph shows that the percentage of those who are not interested in new systems is very small.

The survey involved Americans 1503, 1607 Europeans and Chinese 2003.



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