Mophie juice pack Battery Mod — the first third-party module for smartphones Moto Z

This year the market went smartphone LG G5 and the line Z Moto, which combined the ability to connect different modules. The idea of one, but the implementation vary greatly. In the end, option LG has unquestionably failed, as neither the company nor any of third party not introduced after the announcement of the smartphone a single new module.

Devices Moto came out later, so they still have stock. But we can already say that this approach was successful because the company prepares Mophie for smartphone Moto Z module with built-in battery. Yes, we have already shown during the announcement, but they were created in advance, and the announcement of the Mophie juice pack Battery Mod suggests that at least this company liked the idea.

The module will cost $ 80 and will be available on November 28. The capacity of the battery module is 3000 mA·h the Device is equipped with a USB-C port and supports quick charging. The module dimensions are 154 x 73,9 x 8.9 mm and weight 109 g.

Actually the main problem of such smartphones with support for modules is not the design and not even in the cost of the modules themselves. It lies in the fact that at the present time producers too often have to release a new smartphone, preferably, changing their appearance at least partially. And the idea of interchangeable modules of interest only if it persists during at least several years. Moto promised that this concept will continue in the next generation, and with continuity modules. But it will end up is anyone’s guess.

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