Montblanc produces a digital pad and pen

Montblanc, known for writing instruments and writing instruments, has presented a set consisting of a Notepad with sheets of paper Augmented Paper and Montblanc pen StarWalker. Special markings on the leaves Augmented Paper can accurately determine the position of the handle relative to the sheet, which gives the opportunity to digitize records and save them in your pen.

Without recharging the internal battery pen works for up to eight hours, and its memory is enough to store 100 pages of digitized text. This data can be migrated to the store Montblanc Hub, which provides written translations into 12 languages.

The kit costs $725. Until October 1, it will be sold only in the London store Harrods, after which it will begin selling around the world.

Sources: Techcrunch, Montblanc


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