Monstro 8K VV full — frame sensor for cameras Red Weapon, the dynamic range of which exceeds 17 degrees of exposure

As you know, submitted in April 2015 camera Red Weapon can be upgraded by replacement of the image sensor.

At the time of the announcement, the modular camera has a sensor resolution of 19 Dragon MP, support video 6K. Later became available with sensor resolution of 35.3 MP, support video 8K. In July 2016, the manufacturer was told about the imminent start of deliveries of the image sensor Helium of Super 35mm also supports 8K video.

This week was announced a new sensor for the Red Weapon. It’s called Monstro 8K VV. Sensor — full frame (active area equal 40,96 x 21.6 mm), resolution of 35.4 MP. It allows you to shoot 8K video with a frame rate of 60 fps. According to the manufacturer, the dynamic range of the sensor Monstro 8K VV exceeds 17 degrees. The sensor supports simultaneous output of two streams with speeds up to 300 MB/s in formats like Redcode RAW and Avid DNxHD/HR or Apple ProRes.

The Monstro sensor 8K VV will be replaced by manufacturer model Dragon 8K VV, and those who have already ordered the camera, but have not yet received it, you will be prompted a new sensor.

Camera with 8K sensor Monstro VV costs $79 500. Sensor replacement in a previously purchased camera valued at $29 500. For shipment, the manufacturer promises to begin in early 2018.


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