Monoblock Apple iMac Pro in the maximum configuration is likely to cost customers more than 17 000 dollars

Last week Apple introduced its most productive PC: iMac Pro. The device in the maximum configuration can be equipped with 18-core Intel Xeon processors and a Radeon Pro Vega.

At the time of the announcement, Apple mentioned only the cost of the basic version: $ 5000. It is possible to assume that the top modification will cost more than $ 10,000.

If you believe the new figures are much more expensive. The source reports that staffed the iMac Pro will be worth more than 17,000 dollars! To say that the source does not receive this information, and brought this amount on the basis of logical conclusions.

It is actually very simple. The differences between basic and full versions are in four areas: processor, graphics card, amount of RAM and storage capacity. This came from the author of the article, counting the final cost of the most expensive iMac Pro.

Of course, in this case, the amount in 17 324 of the dollar is still conditional because there is no accurate data about the used Apple processors and, accordingly, their cost and value cards. However, the overall conclusions are quite right to life and, most likely, very close to reality. That is, for the most top-end iMac Pro will have to pay at least 15,000 dollars.



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