Monobloc sound system Samsung MS750 does not need a separate subwoofer

Another new, full-fledged announcement that Samsung is saving that for CES 2017, will be the speaker system MS750. According to the manufacturer, the MS750 is the first product of its kind in its range, assuming functions of the subwoofer.

As in wireless sound system Samsung H7, MS750 found use proprietary technology UHQ. Recall, the manufacturer calls the increasing the bit-depth of input data up to 32 bits and later 32-bit processing. Allegedly, this helps to make the sound quality to the original.

Monobloc device is designed to fit near the TV, creating surround sound with pronounced bass that eliminates the need for a separate subwoofer. To control the MS750, you can use the same remote for TV and for power — total connection to the mains. Provided for wall mounting, and TV and speakers in one hole in the wall because there is a special bracket.

Source: Sammobile



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