Monitors Canon DP-and DP V2420-V1710 3840 X 2160 pixels designed for professionals

Canon has expanded the range of monitors for professionals working with 4K video, models DP-and DP V2420-V1710. The manufacturer notes that Canon DP-V1710 — an industry first 17-inch monitor 4K. The DP monitor is installed V2420 24 inch panel. In both cases, the used panel type IPS.

The reference monitor DP-V2420 supports HDR and meets the requirements of Dolby Vision and ITU-R BT.2100-0 HDR (peak brightness 1000 CD/m2, minimum — 0,005 2). It allows you to see all the subtle details in shadows and bright areas of the frame, provides accurate color reproduction.

Model DP-V1710 can be mounted in 19-inch racks, widely used in equipment rooms TV and mobile hardware. Of course, it also supports HDR.

Sale DP-V2420 should begin in November of this year, DP-V1710 — in February next. Price $32900 $13500 respectively.

Source: Canon



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